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dynamic range

Fujifilm HS20 EXR Dynamic-Range Mode (HDR) Vs AE BKT - HDR Conversion

Fujifilm HS20 EXR Dynamic-Range Mode (HDR) Vs AE BKT - HDR Conversion


Dynamic Range

Can anyone confirm how the Dynamic Range options work on the Z700EXR ?

This is what I have deduced from experiments :=

The (non EXR ) options  are a contrast compression, like an S curve in post processing, to fit the normal sensor range (12 bit ? ) into JPEG's more limited range, rather than just chop the highlights.

As it doesn't halve the number of pixels it isn't  the EXR option. 

F200EXR - Nice one, Fujifilm!

Being a natural-born cynic, I take the hype from the camera manufacturers with a large pinch of salt. However, having dropped my digital compact and needing a replacement, my attention was drawn by the innovative concept of the imaging sensor featured in the Fujifilm F200 EXR.

Beginner's guide to Dynamic Range

Beginner's guide to Dynamic Range

Fujifilm’s professional SLR range has long offered extended dynamic range, and now that technology has made its way down to the consumer FinePix range with the introduction of the FinePix F100fd and S100FS. But what exactly is ‘dynamic range’ and what does it mean to the average photographer? Read on to find out...



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