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How to age a photo (Gimp or any prog which supports layers)

Normally we try to get the best out of a photo by editing but from time to time it can be funny to do the opposite. Let's give a photo a really old look Smile I use Gimp but any photo program which supports layers will do it.

We open a suited photo

This existed already in 1880 and with the lamp converted to gas nobody would see the difference..

I decided to try some different experiments using Photoshop (CS5) that are quite basic but I hadn't done anything like that before so wasn't…

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Add a ghost - Gimp tutorial

Ok, this is an advanced beginners tutorial in Gimp.

Goal: Add a person (element) of one photo to another photo a bit like a ghost...

In order not to divert from the process i have used only symbolic 'photos'. This is the 'background' the photo, the ghost shall be added to

This is the photo with the 'ghost' in it

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