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Z800 panorama exposure adjustment

Hi all.

I find the panorama facility on my Z800 to be quite superb - except for interiors.

It's excellent for an evenly-lit scene in daylight. But available light shots need exposure compensation of some sort. Is this possible?

The initial viewfinder image is excellent - then as soon as I hit the GO button the scene darkens down so much as to be unusable. How can I adjust this - if at all?

Thanks in anticipation,


'Artistic' Shooting Made Simple

I know most people feel more confortable shooting all of their photos in full colour and then apply manipulation after, but it can be a lot simpler than that!

A lot of FinePix cameras allow you to simulate the distinctive look of the images by specifying the 'Film Simulation Mode'

This is the same shot, taken out of my window (not exactly the most photogenic place but works as an example) taken on each of the different Film Simulation Modes on the Z800EXR.

I think you will agree that they all look very distinct!

Provia / Standard

Touch screens

I was thinking - is Touch Screen technology a gimmick or really a useful tool?

I was lucky enough to receive an Apple iPod Touch from my wife for my birthday (when I say lucky, I mean I went on about it until she cracked) and since then have had a different admiration for touch screen technology.

I guess what it really comes down to is maximising the size of the screen while keeping the size of the product as small as possible. Instead of having a screen PLUS a keyboard / control buttons etc, you just have a big screen that can do both.

The only down sides I see are:

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