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UK - Member's Photo Challenge

Latest reply from
10 min 8 sec ago
Thanks again Pam.Ok peeps take a photo of any thing that catches your eye.
38 min 24 sec ago
Thanks for choosing my picture Carl.Today it's back to basics. Take a photo clearly demonstrating the rule of thirds.Colour or mono. Have fun.RULES
1 hour 22 min ago
Thank you for your entries today folks.1st  David with your photo of a  dear little mouse. A lovely capture2nd  Lorraine  and your amazing macro of the fly.3rd  there are 2, Marion, love the idea of the coke tin, might have to copy that, and  Mary-Ann with Meg and the cat. Looks like you would have had to drag her out in the rain.  She is georgeous.Glad you found out what the flower was Anne,Now it is over to you David, Well done.  Pam.
2 hours 15 min ago
Good entries today, I recognised a lot but stumped by Kathy, Brian, Anne and Ron.1st     Jonathan.  Good composition and colours.2nd    Marion.     Good detailed macro.  3rd     Anne.       Nice high key composition. Reminds me of flower petals.Well done everybody.Over to Jonathan.Carl.----------------------------------------------------------------
5 hours 7 min ago
Okay, here are the results. Everyone says this but it hasn't been easy to decide the winner and it's changed a couple of times, but......First - MikshepSecond - Margaret55Third - PixelGreat takes on the theme and very good ideas.  Glad I didn't have to make an entry ;)============ Thanks again for the win Paul.  It's always nice to win but I always think it's such a responsibilty to come up something to interest people. However, here it goes -Desolation
5 hours 8 min ago
As always, very difficult to pick a winner. Fascinating to see all the different angles that the theme sparks in peoples imaginations. Many thanks to everyone who entered.1st - pace19582nd - Gwalion3rd - mike_k**************************************************This week the theme is - Complexity!Colour or mono.     Rules:
1 day 11 hours ago
Some very interesting shots today covering a variety of subjects - so quite difficult to decide. But I got there in the end:1st - Pam's lemur. Those eyes! and the detail in the fur made it stand out for me.2nd - Ron's woodpigeon. A beautifully clear shot - I've never noticed the pink feet before.Joint 3rd - Kathy's wonderful vintage car and David's dandelion complete with visitors.All great pics today.Over to you Pam!K :-)Rules
1 day 11 hours ago
Your challenge for today is a phone/phones. Good composition and lighting are essential. Colour or B&W. Have fun------------------------------------------------------------A big thank you for taking part todayRESULTS1st..Carl (catweazle)..a beautifully composed and well thought out composition.
1 day 13 hours ago
Discussion thread for with a bit of creative flairPost any questions or ideas etc., in here that are related to the challenge,As most are aware there is no manipulation allowed except for cropping & straightening, but if you fancy a go at the IHCMAN or PP challenges which usually run on a fortnightly basis go to the image editing forumAll these eg. have had NO pp it was all done using different settings, especially as far as the light painting is concerned. So thinking caps on and lets get arty and creative.Pixel xx
2 days 2 hours ago
Cheers Cat for the win.Sorry Guys my pc crashed on me don't know what has happened, so finally managed to access the internet again.This weeks challenge is... with a bit of creative flair, i will post some images in the discussion thread to give you some idea what i mean and look forward to seeing your end results on Sunday.CheersPixel xx
2 days 11 hours ago
 Thanks again for choosing my picture DipperOk first i would like to say tonight it was hard to decide they are all great pix.1st.... Chris nice overall image, good clear focus great angle and colours work well with the sky, nice clean lines very deco looking, it just hit me in the face as soon as i saw it, congratz!2nd... Gwalion nice sharp focus and seemed all the wider in landscape view. with the little bit at the top making me want to peer over it. Nice rugged texture too.
2 days 11 hours ago
Results.1st place -  Kasey. A great study of the bluebells.2nd place - Paul. Nice landscape, including the oil terminal.3rd place - Bob W. Good sharp image of the Blossom.Well done everyone else, some interesting snaps today.So it's over to Kasey for the next one,  Best of Luck. RulesAll welcome using any camera or phone with the proviso that pictures are taken in j.peg format and as near on automatic setting as possible.
2 days 12 hours ago
Hi all, hope you are enjoying the Easter break. Some great captures this week, all good and both Christian and pagan related. 1st           Andrea. Great imagination, great lighting, great shot.2nd          Steve.   Powerful, symbolic image.3rd           Danny   Right place, right time. Well spotted.a mention too for Paul's eggs and Chris's mother and baby.Over to Andrea.
3 days 9 min ago
This weeks IHC will be an exercise in "Rim Lighting".This is something I thought would be fun mainly because I haven't done a lot of it myself and I certainly haven't mastered it.Here is a nice article on it:
3 days 50 min ago
Check in here for ideas, chat, advice........and we could use this week to discuss the future of the challenge....don't be afraid to put your views forward. a click on the link and pretend to vote....I'm just seeing if this would work so click away and we'll see what happens, I'm just getting my head round this so don't worry, it's just me mucking about.
3 days 10 hours ago
Nice entries everyone. The winners are.....1st Pixel - good composition, lighting and colour make a pleasing photo. Very appropriate for today.2nd Paul - I like the line of the wire and the contrast between the barbs and the more rounded wood.3rd Kathy - the texture and colour of the cut branch have been captured well against the dark (evening?) background.Over to Pixel for tomorrow's challenge.ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
3 days 11 hours ago
Thanks everyone for the entries, I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!My choices are:-1st - andy- smith - super sharp macro of the fly2nd - mastro88 - beautiful smiling Easter bunny!3rd - marion wager - lovely composition of artists material and artwork.Thanks once more and now over to Andy!:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My thanks once again to Mary Ann for the win. As ever, a pic of what catches your eye today!
4 days 18 min ago
Okay1st place. Dipper. I just love that curve.2nd place. Marion Wagner. Love the tunnel affect.3rd place. Gwalion. Just a good shot and I like the way the trees curve.Over to you Dipper.   Thanks again Paul for the win.OK, the challenge is...........                                                         Intentional camera movement.
4 days 10 hours ago
For this challenge I would like you to give us a:-                                                              Recipe
4 days 23 hours ago
Below is a list of the daily In House Challenge themes that have been set. Earlier theme choices can be viewed here if you are short of inspiration. If you are setting a challenge, you may wish to check here to see if your choice has been used recently.This list now shows the most recent themes at the top.Many thanks to Red Lassie (assisted by Kasey) for starting and updating the original list. I know some of you find this helpful.
5 days 30 min ago
My thanks to all who entered, I hope you all enjoyed the challenge.  1st - ianfinepix - one single sharp flower amongst a soft surround.2nd - dipper - a pool of slightly softened light that recedes into coal blackness3rd - witchone - an almost abstract rendition of the treesThanks again and now over to Ian.:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RULES
6 days 1 hour ago
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6 days 12 hours ago
Thanks all for the entries, my choices are:-1st - Witchone - a pair of monstrous, yet beautiful dogs! - I wouldn't fancy the feed bill!2nd - Mastro888 - gorgeous sun dappled avenue3rd - David Ore - with the raging bonfire - looks hot even n the computer!Thanks again everyone and now over to Kathy!:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rules
6 days 23 hours ago
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d c
1 week 11 min ago
 Firstly, thank you for taking the time and effort to submit an entry. Despite only 4 entries I found it difficult to judge as I liked them all for different reasons,and the winner is........