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Received my s200exr

Hi, received my s200 today, great camera and very pleased, except I did a really stupid thing, as I was unpacking it, I somehow managed to knock the open flash backwards slightly but I gently moved it forwward again and all seemed ok. Tried the camera out and everything seemed fine, flash was firing ok and popping up and down etc. but then it just stopped working. Stopped firing and when I pressed the right flash button on the dpad nothing happens, this was working fine before. My husband thinks that when I knocked it back it may have pulled one of the wires to the flash, that run up by the hinge. I have tried every setting I can think of and nothing makes any difference. Anyway we are going to look into it, see if we can sort it. I do have an external flash so it isn't going to affect me using it but its a bit of a pain to have done something like this before I had even properly unpacked it Sad anyone else ever had anything like this happen at all or know of any solution? I can't believe I did something so stupid! Sad thanks jacqui 

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Date Sat, 07/04/2012 - 00:03

It does sound as though you've damaged the connection to the inbuilt flash. This is unlikely to be covered by Fuji's warranty but you should get in touch with them if you want it repaired.  Otherwise, you could make do with your external flash, providing the trigger voltage is not too high.



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Date Sat, 07/04/2012 - 08:14

Hi, thanks, I have found out the problem now, the flash has actually got the hinges missing which is why I was able to knock it back too far because there is nothing to stop it from being pushed back. Obviously, I didnt know about this otherwise I would have been more careful with it. Now we will just have to see what can be done.