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My new Hs20

Hi Everyone not been here for a while been real busy with lots to do, im just wondering after santa fenching me my new HS20 EXR do i need to upgrade the firmware and how do i do this, i know i did with my xp30 but was wondering if i have to do the same with this, thanks merry Christmas


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Date Mon, 26/12/2011 - 08:48

Latest firmware version is i believe 1.03. You can go to the address below to check what it does/offers in the update. Note, updating firmware is not without it's dangers and you should follow directions given carefully and ensure you have a full battery before proceeding with it. Failing to install it correctly could result in shipping it off for repair to fuji.

Do enjoy your new camera and check its firmware version before you attempt to update....very nice of Santa btw Smile

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Date Mon, 26/12/2011 - 12:40

The basic procedure is:  Download the the latest firmware to your PC.  Format the camera's memory card in the camera (make sure you have transferred all the pictures to your PC or another memory card first), remove and using a USB card reader, connect it to your PC.  Transfer the firmware to the memory card.  

Make sure the camera's batteries are fully charged.  Put the memory card back into the camera.  Now, hold in the Disp/Back button and turn the camera on.  Follow the onscreen prompts and hey presto, your firmware will be updated.