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S5500 Night Shots

Howdy Folks,

Been a long time since I've been on here, hope everyone still well and snapping.
Still have my Finepix S5500, it still a great camera and has never let me down the 9 years I've had it, and to this day can still better pictures than some of the newer compact digital cams.

Anyway, I'm trying my hand at a few night shots mainly the moon.
I'm wondering does anyone out there with an S5500 or S5000 know the best settings for night shots like this.
I' know its not the best camera for this purpose but I used a tripod and have managed (with some luck) to get one or half-decent shots of the moon, but still a bit off-focus.

Any advice would be much-appreciated


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Date Sun, 07/10/2012 - 16:19

You need to put the camera on spot focus, very quick shutter - around 1/250 (the moon is very bright), use a remote shutter release or the camera's timer as even pressing the shutter will give you some movement on the camera, and ISO as low as possible. Focus on the moon - manual if you can - then you should get a great image.

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