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FinePix S2940

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Finepis S2940

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FinePix S2940
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So many settings and sub-settings to choose from!
It's not very fast! There is a delay when taking a photo! This does become a problem when shooting action photos.

Fantastic camera for starting off or even an upgrade from a smaller camera! Great quality, very easy to use lots of settings and sub-settings to really get the best quality of our image. I've taken some pretty nice photos with it! The photos I have put with this review have been taken with this camera. 

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Date Tue, 24/07/2012 - 15:43

I totally agree with your review. For the price of this camera, it is great quality. I have a more exspensive camera but still choose to take this one on family outtings quite often instead due to the smaller size. I always know this camera is capable of a great shot as long as there is enough light!

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