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FinePix S4240

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S4240 Looks the part with lots of settings but issues uploading HD video

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FinePix S4240
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Gary Gibson
The best bits - feels like a real camera with lots of cool options and if you get the settings right, superb photos although a little on the blue side, which seems to be a Fuji thing. 24x zoom is great and more useful than I'd expected. Good battery life from duracell AA - approx 500 to 600 shots. EVF feature and auto smile function is fun.
The worst bits - manual lens covers so too easy to touch the big lens. Sometimes a little too slow bbetween shos tut there are settings to take some continuous shots. Auto focus a little slow and often settles on wrong part of shot.

Was looking at bridge cameras for a while as was let down with my old compact (Sony Cybershot). Grabbed a bargain at Tesco and picked up the Fuji S4240 for £128 a couple of months ago. The camera looks and feels great, nice solid feel and easy to hold. Love the electronic view finder (EVF) as it allows you to focus on the shot however you can swap back to the 3" screen with a press of a button. Super zoom is wonderful and smooth, allowing you to get great close ups of events. The camera can be a full point and shoot (with mixed results) or semi or (nearly) full manual. Great fun but lots to learn for a newbie like me.Recommendation  - If willing to spend a little time planning your shot and are willing to learn a little it's a great buy.

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Date Fri, 15/06/2012 - 21:51

Love all these pics. You must be pleased wit hthe camera.

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