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Paul  Bloomer
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5 September 2009
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United Kingdom
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A few years ago, when I knew I needed spec's for reading (small print), I was tempted by the...
 Have just watched a couple of minutes of Ms Serene(sic).W. and there was no screaming/...
 Got a 'phone call yesterday from an 'agency' telling me that they had procurred repayment of...
 I have become increasingly annoyed, while watching TV coverage, at the moronic clapping that...
 I suppose we all suffer from the SM , but there seems to be another problem cropping up when...

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Retired professional photographer after 45 years. No more winter weddings at more sitting on the touch-line photographing football, with the rain lashing down. Now, photography is 4 phun, my pleasure. Pleasure for others, is a bonus.

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 The blog will consist of the twelve mounted B&W prints that gained my ARPS. qualification...

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